Infancy, History & the Avant-Garde (2015)

A two-day festival celebrating extreme sensation, cries, screams, disregard for the bounds of ‘good taste’, excess, chaos, risk, and the flip-side, discipline & control.

One hundred combat troupes (2012)

Denkbild for 6 musicians, 4 actors, and 1 singer


time-based work with music, performance poetry, dance rehearsal, critique of the university, and Killer Tomatoes

KRONO-METRE: Catalogue Out of Time (2010)

micro-saga (music / interactive lecture / dance) after Hesiod’s Theogony

smooth & striated: form (2016)

Do endings matter anymore? For a few generations now, artists in tune with Deleuze and Guattari’s insights about form have struggled, or even dismissed the struggle, to find plausible endings for works conceived as rhizomatic. If teleology is not necessarily a concern for us (is it not?), what is the meaning of endings? Is teleology…Continue reading »